5 Essential Apps For Women's Health

Turn your iPhone into the ultimate feminine health gadget by installing these inexpensive and brilliant apps. 

Here's five essential apps, covering birth control, our monthly cycles, pregnancy and checking our breasts. Each with their handy reminders and calender features, allowing busy women to stay on top of their health without additional stress.

1) My Pill by Hashsoft
This simple app (pictured right) shows you a representative picture of your birth control pill packet and reminds you to take your pill with an alarm set to your chosen time. It's by far the easiest way to ensure you never miss a pill. The alarm even turns itself off during the seven day break and back on afterwards. 

As a bonus, the app can also be set to remind you when you're running out of pills. Genius!

2) Period Tracker by GPApps
This app shows you a countdown to your next period on one screen and a calender that can be customised to show fertility cycles required for family planning, projected period days and your recorded symptoms for any day of your cycle. You can log our physical symptoms, weight changes and moods and use the calender screen to spot pattens in your cycle.

3) iBreastCheck by Breakthrough Breast Cancer
In addition to setting a reminder to check your breasts for signs of cancer, this app provides a tutorial video and slideshow to show you how to perform the check and what to look for. Incredibly handy and could save your life! 

4) MY PFF by SCA Hygiene Products (Pelvic Floor Exercises)

For any woman wanting to strengthen her pelvic muscles, weather after childbirth or during menopause. This app has a reminder, instructions an a progress report feature. You can pop your earphones into your iPhone and perform this exercise anywhere, even on the bus to work!

5) My Pregnancy Today by Baby Center
This app shows you how your body is changing day-by-day, your baby's stages, and a due date calculator along with a countdown and notification feature. The app has lots of images and videos and as if that wasn't enough, there's even a pregnancy 'to do' list!  

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