10 Ways To Boost Self Esteem Before Goal Weight

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Too many people fall into the trap of expecting their self esteem to improve once they reach goal weight. The truth is, to be truly successful with fitness and weight loss you have to start working on your self esteem from Day 1. If you feel good about yourself now, you're far more likely to take care of your health.

Here's ten ways you can boost your self esteem right now. 

1) Stop defining yourself as 'fat' and instead define yourself as 'work in progress'. The further you get in your journey, the more this will make sense. You'll become fit and strong long before you reach goal weight and chances are you'll be eating healthier than many of the people you know. You're simply not living the life of a 'fat person' any more so you can't call yourself one.

2) Redefine yourself at the start of your journey. Whether this is physically or psychologically. For example, if you always been one hair colour or style, change it to a different one to mark the evolution of you. If you've always been viewed as the predictable person in the group, sign up to something completely out of character, for example a martial arts class or a course that teaches you a new skill.

3) Instead of focusing entirely on your weight, throw yourself into your work or studies to take your mind off of the scale. When you're gaining promotions, awards or pay rises it's hard not to have a boost in self esteem. You'll be known as the hard worker or the clever one instead of 'the one on a diet...again' (and remember, this is not a diet this time, it's a lifestyle change). Take pre-packed healthy lunches to work/college/university and you'll be so busy that you'll only have time to eat what you take instead of going out for lunch to buy fast food. 

4) Buy some great underwear! Ladies, I cannot emphasis enough the importance of a well fitting bra. Get fitted, it'll improve your shape and help your back and posture. Buy some matching knickers too, for some reason, matching underwear always makes us women feel sexy. Try control underwear if you wish, but make sure you buy this in your current dress size rather than the size below, otherwise it squeezes in all the wrong places and makes you very uncomfortable!

5) Don't be afraid of buying your current dress size, when I worked in fashion retail, too often I would see women buy tight clothes for the sake of the dress size on the label. Don't fall into this vanity trap, tight clothing (or too baggy clothing) makes you look bigger than you really are so ignore the size and buy what fits. Jeans that allow two fingers to slip into the waistband but no more will support you in all the right places and create a smooth shape. Furthermore, if you're going to wear leggings, make sure you pair them with a long top or a dress, they're not a substitute for trousers or jeans!

6) Whilst we're on the topic of fashion, wear bright colours. Whilst black tends to be slimming, it's also somewhat dull and depressing. Bright colours makes ourselves an others feel warm and happy. 'Bright' doesn't have to mean yellow or orange, try wearing red for confidence or blue for calming. 

7) Chances are, you'll be increasing the amount of walking or running you'll be doing outside. If you feel paranoid about this for the fear that people may be watching you, simply fill your iPod with music that either makes you feel aggressive (think rock/metal or rap) or sexy and confident (think pop). This has two effects, the music will alter your mood buy blocking out the outside world and it'll make you walk faster if you pick music with a fast beat. If it's sunny, then take some shades to hide behind, for some reason, strangers avoid the gaze of anyone in shades. 

8) Fake it until you make it. Walk into a crowded room with your head held high, smile, and stand up straight. Smiling people are always more approachable and standing up straight looks more flattering than slouching. 

9) Write a list of the things you don't like about yourself. Can they be changed somehow? If they can't then work on changing your attitude toward them. 

10) Learn to accept compliments. Practise after me: "Thank you". Never turn the compliment around into a negative: "I like your top" "oh this old thing, it's the only thing I had to hide my belly" is a huge no no. This makes people feel really awkward and deters them from complimenting you again. Learn to accept the compliments now before you reach goal and get bombarded with lots of lovely compliments. 


  1. I increased my self-esteem through weight loss and a support group. The more I confronted my "issues" the better my self-esteem has grown. I discovered why I ate and how I hid behind the fat. Self-discovery is wonderful!

    1. Agreed! It's great that you've found some good support to help you :)

  2. I think more important than 9) is to write a list of things you DO like about yourself, and add three unique things onto the list each week. But otherwise this is a great post and I think signing up for something way out of character is very useful, I signed up for pole dance and never looked back. Everyone was confused - nobody would have associated me and sexy pole dancing...


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