The Weight Loss Diaries by Courtney Rubin (Book Review)

Every week, BTBS will review a fitness or weight loss related book. 

This week, the book of choice is The Weight Loss Diaries, by Courtney Rubin. This book serves as the uncut version of Rubin's weight loss column in Shape Magazine. 

I particularly love weight loss memoirs like these, as I find it useful to see how other people manage to lose weight and these books have somewhat more credibility than the books written by doctors and nutritionists, which are often the typical faddy diet book complete with boring workouts and weird food. Memoires instead feature real people, losing weight in a real and practical way. 

Shape magazine asked Rubin to write a honest column about her weight loss and set her up with a nutritionist and a doctor (but no personal trainer) to advise her along the way. The book and column spanned across two years, detailing each and every bump in the road and milestone along the way. This book is a good example for why successful dieters who maintain their goal weight say things like "it's a marathon, not a sprint".  A very fitting motto actually, given that Rubin takes up running! This alone makes the book a really good read for those of you toying with the idea of taking up running.

The Weight-Loss Diaries is quite long, and there's a lot of setbacks and self sabotage along the way, all written about in an honest and humorous way. I really identified with Rubin when she writes about her time as a student and describes herself as a 'overachieving perfectionist'. I'm totally like this in my academic studies and work and it was only when I began to apply this same attitude to my food and exercise that I got the hang of losing weight. 

One sentence really stuck in my mind: "There's something about dieting that makes your body become public property, the way I'm told it is when you're pregnant... everyone has nutrition advice...". This is ridiculously true, when I read this I cheered in agreement! The minute people catch on to your changing habits, they all seem to become experts in their field, offering up their little gems of well-meaning 'advice'. Usually these gems are heavily flawed and derived from poorly researched magazine articles titled "Get a Bikini body in 2 weeks". I also especially loved Rubin's open and honest description of 'toxic relationships', which is something we can all relate too!

I recommend that you pop this book in your suitcase for an inspiring holiday read, you'll be sure to come home feeling motivated and may even find the courage to moderate them holiday treats!

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