Tasty Turkey Burger

Here at BTBS, there message is clear: to lose weight you don't have to eat 'diet food' you just have to cook 'clever food'. Through a combination of using the weight loss equation and evolving recipes, you can lose weight and still eat healthy versions of your favourite foods. 

Copyright Karen Morris 2012Today's recipe is this Tasty Turkey Burger. 

Recipe makes: 2 gourmet burgers to serve 2
Time: 35-40 mins

Nutritional values per burger* (incl. bun)
Cals: 373; Fat: 13g (of which are Saturates: 4g); Carbs: 32g; Protein: 30g; Fibre: 2g; Sugar: 1g; Sodium 156mg 
(*may vary slightly depending on brands used)

You will need:
150g of Turkey mince (fresh or frozen, but if it's frozen, be sure to defrost it first!)
2 medium slices of brown bread (I use Weight Watchers' brown Danish)
1 medium egg
30g of grated cheese (I use Weight Watchers' Mature Cheddar as it's low in calories)  
2 shredded basil leaves
Fry Light or any other low-cal cooking spray

2 wholemeal burger buns

1. Chop the slices of bread into small squares and place in a bowl. Beat the egg and add this to the bread, mixing it using a fork to ensure the bread absorbs some of the egg.

2. Next, take the turkey and chop it into small chunks. You can also chop the grated cheese up a little smaller if you wish. Add the meat, cheese and shredded basil leaves to the bowl and mix it using a fork.

3. Now take the mixture out of the bowl and place it on the work surface in a big sort-of ball, like pictured on the right. Now, take a cookie cutter about the size of one of your burger buns. Press into the centre of the mixture to make 1 burger, then gather up the excess mixture and press the cookie cutter into this too. 

4. By now, you should have two burgers that look like the picture on the left.

5. Now heat up a large frying pan and spray with Fry Light or any other low-cal spray.

6. Place the burgers into the pan and leave for a few minutes. Keep going back every five minutes to flip them over. Eventually, both sides will be dark brown, but the edges may still be a little pink. Hold the burgers up on their edges using tongues to cook the edges and keep gradually tuning each burger around to cook every part of the edge. 

7. Once your burgers are completely brown, they are ready to serve! Place them into the wholemeal buns and top with any salad of your choosing. 

8. If you don't mind the extra calories you could add in some extra cheese to melt over the burger, or even a side of low-fat oven chips. 

So there you have it, a family favourite that's perfect for BBQs and significantly tastier and healthier than their shop bought or fast food restaurant counterpart. 

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