Low Calorie Desserts From The Supermarket: Part 1

As much as I love cooking, sometimes I just want a quick dessert fix without any fuss or additional washing up to do. Below are five of my favourite supermarket bought desserts that are low in calories and really tasty!

1. YooMoo Frozen Yogurt 

This huge 150ml tub packs just 151 calories and only 2g of fat. The one pictured, Devilmoo, is natural and chocolate flavoured frozen yogurt, with chocolate sauce and little brownie pieces, topped with little chocolate stars! YooMoo does come in other flavours, including a strawberry, tropical, blueberry and plain. I'm completely in love with this product to be honest, it's happily filled the Ben & Jerry's shaped whole in my freezer.

2. Weight Watchers Cheesecake

I love cheesecake and will fall weak at the knees for a slice of raspberry swirl. unfortunately, the pub version can pack up to 600 calories for a tiny slice! The awesome people at WeightWatchers however, have came up with a much lower calorie alternative that taste exactly the same as any pubs raspberry cheesecake. It only packs 213 calories! Can you believe that?! 

3. Weight Watchers Mini Swirl Pots
Another fantastic dessert from Weight Watchers! In a box of 4 of these bad boys, you get two chocolate ice cream pots and two toffee ice cream pots. The best part is, they only have 77 calories each making them the lowest calorie treat of this list. The walk to the supermarket to buy them might even burn that off! 

4. Muller's Mini Fruit Corners
A more portioned controlled version of Muller's delicious creamy yogurt with just 111 calories! So far the only fruit flavours I've come across are strawberry. I'm hoping they'll bring out some others so if I spot them I'll keep you posted!

5. Yoplait's Petits Filous Big Pots Fromage Frais

They may be kid's yogurts but that means that they're free of artificial rubbish and portioned controlled and just 96 calories. My personal favourite is apricot, but there is also strawberry and raspberry. The downside is they come in a 4 pack and and one version is strawberry and raspberry whilst the other is apricot and stawberry. Yoplait, if you're reading this, I demand a 6 pack of them with 2 of each flavour! 

Your turn: Have you came across a low calorie treat among the isles? 

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