The Amazing Adventures of Diet Girl by Shauna Reid (Book Review)

Every week, BTBS will review a fitness or weight loss related book. 

This week, the book is The Amazing Adventures of Diet Girl by Shauna Reid.

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For those you with a lot of weight to lose, or perhaps you're halfway there or even nearly at goal, this is an essential read to motivate you when the going gets tough or for when you've forgotten how far you have come!  

Reading Shauna's book is like reading her personal weight loss journal, as it details Shauna Reid's daily weight loss struggles and conquests. I originally read this book when I was just starting to lose weight a year ago and I used the book as a kind of role model. It was great to go along with her on the journey past all of the milestones such as starting a diet, learning how to shop and cook healthily, going to a gym class for the first time, reinventing yourself, and as she becomes gradually more confident, meeting new people and going on amazing adventures to change her life (without giving the ending away!).

This book is funny and witty and I have both laughed and cried at it. Much like my own weight loss journey, it is a roller coaster of emotions and it's always great to read someone else's perspective of weight loss to see how they pull though it.      

In the paperback edition I borrowed off of my mum a year ago, I also liked the ever-shrinking and changing cartoon ‘superwoman’ in the corner of each page, which I used to try and visualise as me shrinking and becoming a superhero! I've now downloaded the kindle version of the book so I can re-read it all over again whenever I lose sight of how far I've come. 

Overall - I highly recommend this! You can also follow Shauna's blog for more adventures!

You can buy your copy of The amazing Adventures of Diet Girl here:

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Your turn: Have you read any good weight loss or fitness books this week?

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