The Before and After Picture of Losing 50lbs

As I promised in my last post, I'm posting a 'Before' and 'After' picture of my year's progress. I'm by no means at my goal yet as there's still around 9lbs to lose just to reach the top end of a healthy BMI (25). When I reach this point I'll re-assess my goal weight whilst continuing with my strength training routine for toning up the wobbly bits that weight loss alone can't fix. I think I'll probably end up around a BMI of 22 which for me, means a weight of 120.5lbs. In which case, I have a further 26lbs to lose. I haven't set this goal in stone (pardon the pun!) as I'm waiting to see what weight my body decides to plateau around and what feels right for me. So here's the photo: 

The picture on the right isn't the best picture of me, it was taken during the charity walk that I took part in last Sunday. It was windy and very bright, so yes, I'm pulling my best impression of a rabbit caught in a sunny hurricane. None the less, it shows the difference losing 50lbs makes. 

Some people will look at the picture on the right and wonder if I feel embarrassed or ashamed of it. I'm not at all. I won't go through my photo albums or Facebook account deleting old pictures of me and erasing my own past. The past makes us who we are today. Besides, what use is the 'after' picture without the 'before' picture?! Taking a horrific 'before' picture serves as motivation and can shock you into action. 

I took the photo originally with the secret intention of comparing it one day to an 'after' picture. I have very little comprehension of what I see in the mirror and a photo is my only way of getting around that. I've spent the past year knowing that I've lost weight, knowing that the clothes I'm buying are 4 sizes smaller and feeling thinner and healthier. Yet I'm not good at physically being able to see it myself in the mirror. This photo reminds me that sometimes the way I see myself in the mirror is way off and my own mind is capable of lying to me.

Notice how I'm holding something in front of me in both pictures? I think I do this subconsciously as I'm still not fully self confident enough to stand and pose full frontal. (Well, that and I needed a map to find my way around the countryside on the charity walk!) I'll see if I solve this issue when I reach goal. I'm starting to think adjusting mentally to weight loss is harder than actually losing weight.   


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