Very Simple, Very Fruity Flan

copyright: Karen Morris 2012
This is a very simple and very quick to make fruit flan. It's perfect for when you want a light refreshing dessert after your healthy dinner. 

You can make it using a whole range of fruits, I've used a mixed fruit cocktail as an example but I've also made a strawberry flan, raspberry, mandarin and peach. You could even have a different fruit flan for everyday of the week!

Serves: 4
Time to make: 10 min prep, 15 mins to set. 

Nutritional values per mixed fruit slice*: 
Cals: 129; Fat: 1g (of which are Sats: 0g); Carbs: 13g; Protein: 2; Fibre: 1; Sugar 15g; Sodium: 5mg
(*Mixed fruit version only, some fruits are lower, others slightly higher.)

You will need:

1 small flan case
1 packet (70g) of quick gel powder (I use Greens Quick Jel) TIP: pick the red quick gel for mixed fruits and red fruits and use orange of citrus fruits)
100ml water
1 tin of fruit of your choosing - in this case I'm using fruit cocktail.


1. Open the tin of fruit and drain the water from it using a sieve.

2. Add the fruit to a small saucepan,  sprinkle the quick gel powder over the fruit and pour the water over this. 

3. Mix so that the quick gel powder resolves in the water and covers all of the fruit. 

4. Bring the contents to the boil on a low heat, then leave the saucepan to stand for 5 minutes. 

5. Pour the fruit and gel onto your flan case, then place into a freezer for 15 minutes to set. Slice into four, and serve! 

TIP: You could add a squirt of light whipped cream if you wish, but remember, that is extra calories.

Your turn: Let us know what flavours you've tried!

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