The importance of setting mini weight loss goals and acknowledging NSVs

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Mini goals let you know you're
heading in the right direction. 

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When I found out that I had to lose 60lb just to get down to the top end of a healthy BMI, there was a part of me that thought I'd never do it. Another part of me thought "let's just have a go anyway, I'm already obese, what do I have to lose?". 

I joined My Fitness Pal back in May 2011 and I noticed that a lot of the successful members had set themselves 'mini goals'. Mini goals, are like little milestones along the way. As many people with a lot of weight to lose will say:

"It's about the journey, not the finish line"

This is why it's so important to set mini goals. If I had stepped on the scale and thought about my end goal each time, I would have made myself miserable over how much further I had to go. Instead, I set mini goals of every 10lbs, halfway, quarter of the way, three quarters of the way, and every stone lost as well. Every time I stepped on the scale, I'd look at how close I was to my next mini goal, making chipping away at the bigger goal so much easier. 

I set my mini goals out like this:

  • 186 lbs (10lbs lost) [DONE:1st August 2011] 
  • 182 lbs (1 stone lost) [DONE:18th August 2011] 
  • 176 lbs (20lbs lost) [DONE: 3rd October 2011] 
  • 168 lbs (2 stone lost) [DONE: 5th December 2011] 
  • 166 lbs (30lbs lost/ Halfway) [DONE: 14th December 2011] 
  • 164 lbs (Out of obese range) [DONE: 29th December 2011] 
  • 156 lbs (40lbs lost) [DONE: 2nd March 2012] 
  • 154 lbs (3 stone lost) [DONE: 15th March 2012] 
  • 146 lbs (50lbs lost) [Achieve in May] >>1.2lb to go<< 
  • 140 lbs (4 stone lost) [Achieve in July] 
  • 136 lbs (Goal! 60lbs lost/ Out of overweight range) 
  • *Aiming to reach goal by 13th August 2012 - Summer holiday!!*
You will notice, that when I meet them I type 'DONE' right next to them. I used to wonder if I'll ever see a whole list of 'DONE'. I couldn't Imagine getting the second goal when I first started, but once I had, I knew deep down that the rest would be achievable. You'll also notice that I have deadlines next to my remaining mini goals. I set this in line with my 1lb a week loss target and I use these deadlines to motivate me. Knowing that I'll be a healthy weight in time for my holiday if I keep at this pace, keeps me going.

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I even countdown to my next mini goal - it's all about making the big task seem smaller and more manageable, like a to-do list.

Of course, with all mini goals and deadlines, there needs to be a reward! Not food, but as a fellow blogger demonstrates one example here, it could be jewellery, clothes, a trip to the salon, a new pair of running shoes - anything you desire! All of these things are all great rewards and a way of saying to yourself "wow, you're awesome, you've earned this!". Some mini goals will even feel like a reward of their own, like when everyone begins to notice your weight loss and complements you, or when you need the next jeans size down. 

There's also 'NSVs' which stands for Non-scale victories. These fit in well with the title of my blog, 'Beyond the Bathroom Scale'. Non-scale victories are the victories that (as you can guess) have nothing to do with the scale. Such as being able to touch your toes again, swimming 100 lengths, only eating a small portion of ice cream and not the whole tub, or losing 5 inches off of your hips. NSVs can be anything that makes you feel proud of yourself for losing weight, no matter how much. 

Whatever your weight loss goal, remember that it's an accumulation of the little victories, both on and off the scale, that make up the picture of the bigger victory. 

Your turn: What are your mini goals, NSVs or rewards? Comment below and let us know! 


  1. i love this post!!! and thanks for the nod to my owl watch reward :0) you have accomplished sooo much. i like that when you got on the scale you thought about how close you were to your mini goal and not to the big huge pie in the sky goal. great motivator!

    1. Thank you! I'm glad you liked the post :)

  2. thanks for sharing a lovely post.. weight loss


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