Weight Loss Kit For Dummies (Book Review)

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Weight Loss Kit for Dummies
by Carol Ann Rinzler
(2001) Wiley Publishing Inc.
Every week, BTBS will review a fitness or weight loss related book. 

This week, the book is 'Weight Loss Kit for Dummies' by Carol Ann Rinzler. 

'Weight Loss Kit...'  is excellent for any beginners looking for a weight loss plan. It's free from faddy diets and goes one step further to provide information about the latest faddy diets such as how to spot them and why they should be avoided.  

Here at BTBS, we're all for fad-free weight loss plans and that's what this book provides. It discusses the basics of nutrition, exercise and how to assess your progress along the way.
There are entire chapters dedicated to
the main macro nutrients (carbs, fat, protein) that detail the food sources of these nutrients, the advised amounts to consume and the benefits of each.

It's packed with charts and tables that demonstrate concepts such as body fat % and BMI as well as a calorie count in the appendix. It also has a chapter on gadgets and tools you can use for weight loss, which BTBS loves! 

There is a small chapter on weight loss surgery which points out the associated risks of each procedure, so for anyone considering weight loss surgery, this is a must read. 

Overall I highly recommend this book, "Weight Loss Kit..." covers all of the basic groundwork that anyone starting out on a weight loss journey would require. I used it myself in the first few months of my weight loss and I still refer back to it now to remind myself of the nutritional guidelines. 

The only thing missing from this book is a few weight loss anecdotes, but there are many good weight loss memories available to inspire you, as we shall see next week!  

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Your turn: Have you read any good weight loss or fitness books this week?

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