5 things people forget to warn you about when losing weight

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1. Losing weight is expensive! 
If you've just started to lose weight you probably think the biggest expense is the healthier food and possibly gym membership. Not so much, I mean these things aren't cheap, but the biggest expense is dropping dress sizes and having to replace your entire wardrobe every size on the way down! Including underwear, PJs, swimwear, gym wear, holiday clothes, work clothes, formal wear etc. Yes, as you can see, this is the biggest expense - and something Losers [in the weight loss sense] forget to warn you about. Start saving now for when them lbs melt off you!

2. Your personality may be subject to change! 
This is not always a negative thing. The people in your social circles will either love the new you, or try to turn you back. What ways might you change?
You'll mostly likely be more confident in yourself, more active, perhaps more fashion conscious (you've looked after what goes into your body, of course you'll look after what the outside of it looks like!). Enjoy these changes, don't be afraid of them. Everyone changes overtime, otherwise we'd still walk around with 80s hair styles or worse - 60s flairs and act like our 15 year old selves. 

3. You might experience very strange and embarrassing side effects! 
oh yes, most people that have changed their diet from junk to healthy foods will have experienced side effects... most will either admit it with a blush, or deny it. I'll warn you, because I think it'll save some people taking an embarrassing trip to the doctors. So here goes (don't think less of me please), remember at Christmas when the sprouts are out and everyone after dinner has to leave the table to erm.. 'let of some steam' shall we say? Yes. That may happen to you for the first couple of weeks whilst your body adjusts to it's new sources of fuel. You may also notice some colour changes to your.. ahem.. 'business' for the first couple of weeks to. I wish someone had warned me of that before I Googled my symptoms and self diagnosed myself with kidney failure, liver disease and burst bowels. Seriously. If you've just changed your diet for the better and the symptoms last for just a couple of weeks, it's more common than you think and nothing to worry about (my doctor assured me!). 

4. There are other - more pleasant - side effects!
Including noticing fat vanishing from the strangest of places. Most people talk of their tummies becoming flatter, or their bums shrinking. Yeah, that happens, but be prepared to notice your back slimming down, knees becoming defined and even your fingers shrinking so much you have to get your rings made smaller! (There's more of that expense I mentioned earlier). Don't be surprised if you catch yourself feeling parts of yourself up, that's also very common amongst the Loser community, as is catching glimpses of yourself in mirrors and shop windows and smiling at what you see (just watch out for that pesky lamppost!). 

5. Ladies - this one is especially for you - a warning that you'll either be glad about or really sad about. Your boobs may shrink a considerable amount during your weight loss! Yes, one day you may wake up and wonder if someone stole them in the middle of the night! I'm very sure that my decreasing BMI was in direct relation to my decreasing 'Boob Mass Index'. No more back ache or expensive 'plus size' bras to order though, plus dress shopping is far easier, so it's not all bad when that happens.   
OK, so some of these warnings such as the expense and embarrassing side effects may deter the lesser motivated among you from losing weight, but don't let it. The embarrassing side effects are temporary (promise) and as for the cost of replacing clothes - this can be solved by means of charity shops, swap shops, sales and borrowing off friends of the required dress size! Once you get into the flow of losing weight, eating healthily and becoming stronger and fitter, it's actually really fun! 

Your turn: What do you wish someone had warned you about when you started losing weight?

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