5 Gym Classes You Need To Try

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You may have just joined a gym and looked at the gym class timetable only to be confronted with a long series of class names and still unsure of what the classes are actually like. It may even be the case that you're getting tired of your current workout routine and fancy trying something new.

Below are my five favourite gym classes that I highly recommend:

1. Zumba Fitness
If you haven't already heard about this class, you must have been hiding in your gym bag! Anyone that has been to one of these classes will tell you that
it is nothing like going to a regular gym class, instead it's like going to a party! Everyone is smiling, dancing and generally having fun whilst burning some serious calories.  On average, I burn around 450-500 calories per hour class, I always come out dripping in sweat and smiling. My gym even puts rainbow coloured lights on for a sort of 'night club' effect, if you like. Zumba instructors aren't like regular gym instructors, they don't shout orders at you, you just simply mirror them. 
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2. Body Combat
A Les Mills class, and not one for the faint of heart. This class is tough! It's influenced by mixed martial arts, choreographed to upbeat, power-inspiring music. Its aggressive by nature so it's fantastic for curing a bad mood as well as working up sweat. My personal favourite move is the round house kick - something about this move makes me feel like Lara Croft! Beware, after repeating a combo of jabs, crosses, uppercuts and hooks, your shoulders will really ache in the morning. 

3. Body Pump
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Another Les Mills class. I decided to try this out because I wanted to lift weights but didn't really know how to lift safely and effectively. Standing in the weights room at the gym trying to figure it out seemed like it would be embarrassing and potentially boring. So I went along to this class and discovered the best strength training class there is! Every single muscle gets worked out in time to music. Your instructor will be able to demonstrate how to lift safely and advise you on what weights are best. The perfect class for anyone looking to start a weight training routine.    

4. Body Balance
image source: http://adelaidewomensfitness.com.au/classes/body-balance/I really do like my Les Mills classes. This one combines Yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi and relaxation into a class that will increase your flexibility, balance and strength, whist relaxing you at the same time. As with other Les Mills programs, this class has a soundtrack. You can check out any of the Les Mills soundtracks by searching on YouTube. This class is ideal for anyone new to yoga that would like a taster before joining a yoga course. You'll begin to see improvements in your flexibility and balance almost immediately! 

5. Aqua Zumba
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It's a Zumba class, but not as you know it! Aqua Zumba takes place in a swimming pool. The extra resistance of the water proves to be an interesting challenge for your muscles. I love it as there's no sweating involved and no sports bras required! It's also great for anyone that wants to workout with joint problems or injuries, as the water takes the impact out of your knees a hips. There's not very many of these classes around just yet, so when you find one there is that sense of exclusivity. 

Your turn: What are your favourite gym classes? Let us know by commenting below! 

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