5 Essential Apps for Weight Loss and Fitness

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Many of us use our iPhone or iPod in the gym, or whilst we're out walking to listen to music. This is great, but with the wide range of Apps available, you're holding one of the best weight loss tools there are in the palm of your hand! 

Here are five of my favourite Apps, four of which are free!

1. My Fitness Pal 
Price: FREE!
Available as a standalone website? Yes

By far my favourite app of all time! As you can read here, it's changed my life for the better. The idea is simple, track  the food you eat, keep to the calorie goal it gives you and if you want more calories to eat, track your workouts to earn more! Then each week, track your weight and measurements to check your progress. There's also an online community to support you and the option to add friends (whether online or offline friends!) who will then act as your own personal 'cheerleaders' every time you lose weight, have a great workout or complete a healthy food diary for the day. The app even has the feature to scan bar codes of foods to make logging even quicker! It works because it's fad free, simple and healthy. It keeps you accountable and motivates you. 

2. Target Weight by Tactio Software inc. 
Price: FREE!
Available as a standalone website? No
Another really simple App. Just add in your current weight, tell it your goal weight using the handy BMI chart and select your deadline. Then each time you weigh yourself, log it using the app and it'll provide you with a chart showing your progress (which is very motivating when you can see a nice downward trend!) as well as some statistics such as how much on average you're losing per week and the estimated date you will approach your goal! Perfect if you've just booked your holiday and need to slim down for the beach!

3. SplashPath 
Price: FREE!
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Available as a standalone website? Yes
Here's one for swimmers! You can access your local pool's timetable and record swims by the number of lengths. As if that wasn't handy enough, there's also challenges you can set yourself such as swimming the English Channel, swimming the River Nile and many others! Just keep recording your swims and the app will tell you what percentage or number of meters of your challenge you've completed. 

4. Weight Mirror
Price: Free!
Available as a standalone website? No
This app is another great motivational tool. It's bit like having your own weight loss (or gain!) time machine. Upload a full length photo of yourself, tell the app what weight you are in the photo, then play around with the slider at the side to see how your photo changes when you adjust your weight. I used it to see what difference losing 60lb would make to my body when I first started losing weight - turns out, big difference! Great for motivation, and if you dare to play with the weight gain setting,  a great deterrent too!  

5. Zombies, Run! 
Price: £5.49 / $7.99
image source: Zombiesrungame.com
Available as a standalone website? No
If you're a runner (or walker) or would like to be but don't have much motivation - this app could be for you. It will appeal to the inner geek within! Basically, you have the app open on your iPhone or iPod Touch whilst you're out running, earphones in. You'll hear the scary sound of zombie approaching, various orders and other voice recordings. Your aim is simple: escape the approaching zombies! It can track your location (or movement if you're on a treadmill) and turns any regular street (or treadmill) into a map of hazards and collectible items that you have to run (or walk) towards! There's a base to build, defences to set up, stories an mysteries to unlock and so much more so it's well worth the price.

Don't have an iPod Touch? 

Your turn: Have you discovered any apps that are essential for weight loss or fitness?


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